Hello, I'm Polly! I'm a 25 yr old dreamer who lives in a small town in the UK, wishing I was living in the city or in the mountains. After blogging on tumblr and instagramming for years I decided to create a new blog; pollyflorence.co.uk. I like to pretend I'm a professional blogger who knows what they're doing but in reality I'm making it all up as I go along! I always prefer being behind the camera which is why you don't see many picture of me (it's something I'm working on!) 

I like reading, travelling, photography, journaling, getting obsessed with things; especially movies & tv shows, drinking a lot of coffee, second hand bookshops, long car journeys, nostalgia & making my little space at home as cosy as possible   ...so you'll see a lot of these things here. 

Thank you all for following along, you'll find me a lot more often on my Instagram so feel free to follow me there & if you like my posts here, then don't forget to subscribe!


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