By Polly Florence - October 29, 2018

I've been feeling really inspired by different bloggers recently and have seen a few share a Q&A on their blog and I thought it might be nice to do the same here instead of just on my Instagram story mainly so I can expand on my answers and share a bit more with you guys! For this Q&A I wanted to make it fit with the season and make it an autumn Q&A (because honestly when I can make something autumn themed, I probably will!) I asked you for your questions over on my Instagram story and here are my answers...

⫸ spicy chai tea or spicy chai latte? (from @want_to_say_hello)

Because coffee is my go to, every time, I'd have to go with the spicy chai latte!

⫸ what is the most beautiful place you've seen during autumn? (from @charleynevanzijl)

Cambridge is especially beautiful in autumn and even more so on a rainy day. Amsterdam is another city which is absolutely stunning in the autumn, we went in November last year & I definitely recommend visiting at this time of year & if you want more from our trip to Amsterdam then click to read my blog post all about it!

⫸ where are your favourite spots in cambridge for capturing the beauty of autumn? (from @fi.amery)

My ultimate spot for autumn in Cambridge is Trinity Street and especially just outside of Trinity college, all of the leaves are the perfect colour during October. There are so many lovely little streets and lanes around that area though so I recommend having a wander around there!

 favourite autumn drink? (from @watchthesky)

I'm as basic as they come– it has to be a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

 top five things you like about autumn? (from @vendellynjy)

I love the when the weather gets cooler, the way the leaves change colour from a beautiful gold to a rusty orange, the cosy autumn fashion– give me all of the jumpers, scarfs, boots! I love visiting the pumpkin patch and going for walks in the forest and rereading my favourite book– The Night Circus– which I read every October.

 what's your favourite nature aspect of fall? (from @caitlynalsmith)

Definitely seeing all of the beautiful autumn foliage, the colours make my heart so happy!

 how do you edit your photos to get that autumnal feel? (from @meanderingmargie)

I use the filters A4 and A6 on VSCO which both give a real autumn feel. I also find adding grain or dust effects makes things look cosy.

 favourite autumn activity? (from @kayla.annd)

Would have to be taking a drive through the countryside to the pumpkin patch and picking out the cutest pumpkins while snacking on cinnamon doughnuts.

 favourite autumn/pumpkin recipe? (from @ksenja_chumakova and @kajuwi89)

I recently really enjoyed making cinnamon apple pancakes and mini pumpkin pies, I've linked the recipes!

 favourite autumn movie? (from @ebbalowenberg)

I don't ever really watch spooky/horror films so these are some of the films that give me more of the autumn, cosy vibes... Dead Poets Society, E.T, The Social Network, When Harry Met Sally... I'd also include Stranger Things & Over The Garden Wall because even though they're TV series, I think you could definitely watch them both as films!

 must read autumn book besides the night circus? (from @bellabookley)

I'd definitely recommend reading my other two favourite books The Secret History & Station Eleven during the autumn time, they always give me the best cosy feeling. You can also check this post from last year with a couple more recommendations!

 favourite autumn scent? (from @nat.dude)

I love all kinds of autumn scents– pumpkin, spicy scents like cinnamon and clove, something sweet like caramel apple & also smokey bonfire– they all remind me so much of autumn!

⫸ how does autumn inspire you? (from @littleblondebooksworm)

This is honestly quite a hard one to describe but I'll do my best... there's just something about this time of year that makes me feel rejuvenated and alive. I love everything about autumn from the cooler weather to the beautiful colours everywhere you look and it means I find it easier, everyday, to find something that makes me happy and thankful and inspired. I also think that because autumn is such a fleeting season, I want to try my hardest to capture every moment of it, I'm more inspired to go out and take pictures, to write about things I've seen and to be present in every moment and I never feel as motivated to do that during the other seasons. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little Q&A, let me know if you'd like to see more like this from me! I'd love to know what you would say are your top five favourite things about autumn? I hope you're all having a lovely day!


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