By Polly Florence - September 30, 2018

I make so many more playlists during the autumn season than I do during the rest of the year. There's just something about the vibes of autumn which makes it perfect for listening to those melodic, warm and comforting kind of songs and this is probably my favourite music in the world to listen to. So here's a little playlist the mark the end of September & the beginning of my favourite season...

September / the anticipation & chill of autumn in the air, misty mornings and cooler nights, new beginnings with the hint of nostalgia, the first leaves falling on wet pavements, drives in the countryside, apple picking in new boots, matches and smokey candles, cosy cardigans, starting a new book and sipping the first pumpkin spice latte....

✧ sweet disposition, miki ratsula
✧ we are infinite, the lighthouse and the whaler 
✧ forever bound, von grey
✧ departure, NIGHT FLIGHT
✧ stone by stone, arnór dan
✧ utican, novo amor 
✧ nina cried power, hozier, mavis staples 
✧ carry you, jake isaac
✧ wicked game, james vincent mcmorrow
✧ chihiro, yoste
✧ paint, the paper kites
✧ guiding light, foy vance
✧ lung, vancouver sleep clinic 
✧ hard rain, lykke li 
✧ human, dodie, tom walker
✧ sensible heart, city and colour 
✧ the wind, yusuf/cat stevens 
✧ guiding light, mumford and sons
✧ autumn tree, milo greene
✧ ends of the earth, lord huron 

I'd love to know your favourite autumnal songs– feel free to share them in the comments ♡ I hope you're all having a lovely day!

*mood board was made with the apps Unfold & Over*

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  1. How do you make the playlist and put the Spotify widget in your post?

    1. Hi Tara! If you use Spotify on desktop just open the playlist you want in your post and options (...) and then share and copy the embed code and paste it straight into your HTML. Hope this helps! ♡