By Polly Florence - September 25, 2018

We started out Wednesday with a little wander around the area of the Spanish Steps and took some pictures before deciding to rest a bit and jump on one of the tour buses heading towards the Vatican. Obviously these buses are always pretty packed out with tourists but if you're looking for a bit of a different way to see the city and want to have a break from walking then they're definitely a good option! 

We had another glimpse of the colosseum and saw some beautiful piazzas and monuments like the Piazza Venezia, there's so much to take in and we definitely spotted some different areas we would love to go back and explore another time, I always think that's one of the benefits of the open top bus tour is that you see things from a slightly different perspective and spot things you might not have seen otherwise. Before long though, we made it to the Vatican City...

Visiting the Vatican was not really something we really been that interested in or really planned on doing but now I'm so glad we did because it's one of the most beautiful spots I've ever been to. We mostly just hung around in the Piazza San Pietro, took a bunch of pictures and people watched while also taking in the sight of St. Peter's Basilica, it was honestly just a lovely area to soak in the atmosphere and was a great place to have some down time to relax.

By the time we'd made our way back to our Airbnb via the bus it was definitely time for some Pizza! We had heard of a good spot not far from the Trevi fountain funnily enough called Pizza in Trevi & I can confirm it was delicious and the perfect way to end the day! 

Thursday was another day for wandering! We woke up bright and early and headed to the Trevi Fountain to watch the sunrise and to take in the beauty of the fountain before the crowds appeared, it was such an amazing experience to have the place almost to ourselves...we managed to take lots of pictures and watched everyone doing their photo shoots. If you want to take pictures anywhere in Rome without crowds of people I would 100% recommend getting up at sunrise its completely worth it for the pictures and for the magical atmosphere. 

After breakfast back at our Airbnb we started our wandering in the direction of Piazza Navona and the first stop we made on the way was to the place that had been recommend as having the best coffee in Rome– Sant Eustachio Il Caffe. Obviously after hearing about it's reputation I knew I had to check it out  and it was definitely one of my personal favourite highlights of the trip, you know I love a coffee shop! We picked a little table outside on the pavement and got our coffee just as it started to rain and the whole moment felt very authentically Italian, whether that's really accurate or not I'm not sure but to me it was just one of those moments when I felt very grateful to be able to travel and experience little moments like that. 

We spent some time at the Piazza Navona, another beautiful spot (obviously!! Rome is basically one big beautiful spot!), it's a really lovely place to sit and chill and people watch. We also did some wandering around the market at Campo Dei Fiori– a really lovely farmers market– and grabbing pizza on the go from a nice place called Alice Pizza...and we hunted down some vintage thrift shops which were so much fun to look around, there was a few down this particular street– Via del Governo Vecchio– if anyone's interested in checking them out! There also happened to be a well known gelato shop down this particular street called Gelateria Frigidarium and we just couldn't walk past without trying some! 

Our final day in Rome began with another early start and a little walk down to the Spanish Steps, like with the Trevi Fountain we wanted to see the steps without the crowds and again it was so worth getting up early– being one of the few people there makes for such a peaceful atmosphere and after doing a little photo shoot we just sat and watched the Piazza waking up, it was the perfect way to start our last day!

After spending most of the morning at the Spanish Steps we just had time for one last coffee before heading off to the airport– we visited Pasticceria Angelina which was just around the corner from our Airbnb and I wish we'd realised it was there sooner, it was such a beautiful coffee shop and definitely one I'd recommend visiting! 

Those five days in Rome felt like just the perfect amount of time to see everything we wanted to see and experience, we packed so much in and saw so many beautiful sites... waking up early to see the sites was one of our most favourite things to do. One of my other highlights was the Airbnb we stayed in, I can't recommend it enough– I'll include the link again here if you'd like the check it out for yourself! Until next time Rome... ♡ 

Have you ever visited Rome? What was your favourite thing about the city?

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