By Polly Florence - January 12, 2018

I love that a new year always brings a new beginning and a fresh start and I always feel like it's the perfect chance to look at what I want to achieve during the year and which adventures I want to go on! I'm one of those people who loves to write lists, make plans, set goals...I love a challenge, I find it always motivates me and pushes me to achieve the things I want to. 

So this year I thought I'd try a 18 goals for 2018 kind of thing, it's actually was harder than I thought to come up with 18 different things but once I had a proper sit down and think, the list wrote itself!

Here it goes...

 1. read twenty four books 

2. travel to Iceland & see the Northern Lights 

3. make sure I write in my journal at least once a week

4. work on not feeling guilty for spending time doing the things I love 

5. make more time for reading and being creative 

6. travel to somewhere in the UK I've never been before

7. learn more about the things I love 

8. try and find a new way of exercising that I love

9. read more non fiction books

10. continue working on self love & especially not comparing myself to others

11. not missing out on opportunities because of anxiety or general laziness 

12. teach myself more about photography 

13. GET TO SLEEP EARLIER - be settled, relaxed and OFF my phone (this is a big one for me which is why it's in caps lock!!!)

14. finish up decorating & sorting my space so it's less cluttered and even more cosy

15. try and be as 'in the moment' as I can - stop overthinking about yesterday and worrying about tomorrow 

16. work on growing my blog - continue to post more of what I love and as regularly as possible 

17. film a 'one second everyday' video

18. dye my hair (I never have and I really want to try something new!)

So there's my list, looking at it, I genuinely think these are all really achievable & I'm really looking forward to seeing how many of these I will have ticked off by the end of the year. I would LOVE to hear if you have any resolutions or goals or anything you're excited to achieve this year, please let me know in the comments!


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  2. I love your photos and your blog! :)
    It's so cool you want to see my country Iceland! When you go, you are more than welcome to find me and ask anything you want! I also love meeting fellow book lovers.
    My insta is @sahararos (@brewingbelletrist for blog)
    Website: www.brewingbelletrist.com

    Happy weekend:)

  3. Switching off phone and from social media during night time is one of my biggest goals. Didn't succeed much in this dept in Jan. Let's see how next month goes!
    Another one is to grow my blog and write more!

    Coming to your blog through Instagram. Love your captures!