By Polly Florence - October 30, 2017

One of my most favourite things to do in October is visit a pumpkin patch, fortunately there is one quite local to me so me and my sister got the chance to go twice this month! The one I visit is Undley Pumpkin Patch in Suffolk, UK and I always find that it's such an autumnal thing to do— from the drive there watching the golden trees pass by to enjoying some pumpkin soup and cinnamon doughnuts. While we were there we got lost in the maize maze and we spent a long time amongst the pumpkins taking pictures & picking out the best ones to take home so we could make our own pumpkin soup. And now my room is filled with all of the pretty gourds I found!

I also got to try my new coat from Bellfield Clothing which was very kindly sent my way to feature on my Instagram and it was perfect for the day we were there as it was super windy so it was just what I needed to keep me feeling toasty warm. At the time this post goes live I actually have an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY for Bellfield Clothing up on my Instagram— click the link here to enter!

Did any of you get the chance to pick some pumpkins this month? If not what are your favourite autumnal things to do? I hope you liked this little glimpse into the adventures we had at the Pumpkin Patch and as always thank you for reading lovelies! 


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  1. The pumpkin patch is such a wonderful time! My friends and I like to go together and then carve our pumpkins while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas :) | HoneyInMyHair.com

    1. Ah that sounds like such a lovely tradition, I hope you had a great October!