By Polly Florence - October 01, 2017

I'm someone who is ALWAYS listening to music— I have it on in my car, I listen to it when I'm taking pictures, when I'm at work, as I'm falling asleep— and because of that one of my favourite things to do is make playlists so I'm hoping to share a lot of them here with you. I think I'll probably share one at least each month, for a specific book I've read, on special occasions or just every time I find a great bunch of new songs. I hope you'll enjoy them!

I always feel like autumn is such a perfect time of year to listen to all of the beautiful, melodic, atmospheric music— whether you're out for a drive and you get to see all of the leaves changing colour or you're inside when its raining and you light a pumpkin scented candle and cosy up in a blanket with a good book you're planning to escape in. I wanted to share my love for these songs which I feel encapsulates my love of my favourite season.

This is the playlist I've been listening to since the beginning of September and I love that when I listen to these songs in the future they'll remind me of this particular time of year. I think that's one of the main reasons I love making playlists!

I've listed the playlist below or you can use the Spotify player to listen now, also below. You can also see my other playlists on Spotify if you click here. If you have listen to any of these let me know your thoughts and PLEASE recommend me your favourite autumnal music in the comments, I'm always searching for something new to listen to. ♥

✧ All I Wanted, Daughter
✧ Cologne, Haux
✧ Appointments, Julien Baker
✧ Black Clouds, Andrew Belle
✧ Further, Arctic Lake
✧ Brighter Than The Sun, Dustin Tebbutt
✧ Bottles, Little Image
✧ Semolina, Slow Meadow
✧ Issues, Kina Grannis
✧ Everything is Made to Last, Ciaran Lavery
✧ I Could Fight on a Wall, Aquilo
✧ Voices, Daughter
✧ Drought, Andrew Belle
✧ Take it Slowly, Garrett Kato
✧ Some Kind of Love, The Killers
✧ Silvery, Novo Amor + Ed Tullett
✧ Roadless, Frightened Rabbit
✧ wasting time, fragile.
✧ These Woods (Human Made), KLARA
✧ A Hole in the Earth, Daughter


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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful playlist and the atmosphere it creates! It's just perfect <3

    1. Ahh you're so welcome, it makes me SO happy that you like it!!

  2. I love this playlist and your photography! I followed the link to your blog from Instagram and I love your blog.

    Rebekah-Hannah x

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, I'm so glad you like the playlist!